It's Wednesday which means it's time for a game of 'Ask A Millennial'.  This is the generational game that tries to get to the bottom of why 'they' combined Generation Y with the Millennial generation.  It makes no sense, so we try and disprove this by asking Millennials some questions that Generation Y would have no issue answering.


Today's Millennial is 26 year old sales specialist Ameshia.  She is a fan of the game and has been looking forward to her opportunity to play.  Now Ameshia agrees with us that we should not be in the same generation, but that won't stop her from giving it the old college try.


We asked her questions about Milli-Vanilli, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt, and the Karate Kid.  Sounds easy right?  How did she do?  Watch it here!

Ameshia was a great sport, and even though she struggled through the answers, she was a lot of fun.  If you are going to guess incorrectly you might as well shoot for the moon. Hearing how someone makes up an answer or interprets the name of something is our favorite part of the game.  Ameshia did not lack creativity.


If you have any questions that you think we should use on the show, send them to  If we pick your question we will give you a shout out and you can brag to all of your friends that we said your name on the radio.  That alone makes it worth it.  Thanks for listening!

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