On today's edition of 'Ask A Millennial' we had 29 year old Amanda T from our sales team sit in the hot seat while we peppered her with questions from our past.  Amanda turns 30 this year so she is the oldest of the millennials we have had on the show so far and it showed.  She came out of the gates hot but how many did she get right??

Kriss Kross, Ferris Bueller, and Beverly Hills 90210 were no match for Amanda's memory, but once we brought politics into the fold her hot streak ended.  Surprisingly she also struggled with our OJ question, but finished strong with Alanis Morissette and *69.


Out of all the millennials we have played the game with she was the most on point, but this still does not sway my opinion that we shouldn't be in the same generation.  I may have to discard these results when I submit my case to Nielsen Research!


To all my Gen Yer's out there...stay strong!

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