We played 'Ask A Millennial' today with Amanda W from our sales team at Townsquare Media.  She was born in 1992 which makes her 25, which in turn makes Val Townsend and I feel really old!


The purpose of this game is to show that Generation Y should not be lumped in with the Millennial Generation.  Why we were combined is beyond me, but it happened and we are here to prove it was a mistake.  We do this by asking topical trivia from our childhood that if we were in the same generation would be easy to answer.


Today we asked Amanda about Molly Ringwald, Wayne's World, Downtown Julie Brown, and Double Dare.  Now I think it goes without saying that these are all pretty easy topics regardless of the question if you grew up in the '80s and early '90s.  Here is how Amanda did:

Now Amanda didn't do as bad as we thought she might.  She didn't know who Molly Ringwald was which was a huge strike against her but she did rebound by naming some famous '80s movies that Molly was in.  This could be forgiven, but not knowing Downtown Julie Brown either was another negative.  In her defense, MTV no longer plays music so I don't think VJ's exist anymore.


She did correctly guess Wayne's World and Double Dare so she gets some props.  It was interesting to see what she did and didn't know because when picking the questions that we want to use, they all seem really easy to us.  It's hard to know what will be considered difficult when we ask it.


As always, if you have a question that you think we should ask send it to me, and if we use it you will win a prize.  Send questions to tonyp@mix96buffalo.com.

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