Art, nature, and technology are intertwined in Artpark’s new series of GPS-activated audio experiences, available in a new mobile app.

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The “Artpark Sonic Trails” app is free to download from the Apple or Android store.

According to a story aired on NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) the App consists of  sounds mapped over the course of Artpark’s trails, that users can choose featuring different “experiences” including musicians, sounds, and storytellers.

According to Ryan Holladays who developed the app with his brother... when you open the it up, you move through it,  the sound will evolve depending on your location, different sounds are sort of tied to the physical world.

The Holladays have been working on sound mapping technology for about ten years, and have mapped music in Central Park and the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

“This project is the first time we’re working with other musicians and storytellers to sort of create multiple layers of sonic experience in the same location,” Holladay added.

The app launched this past Saturday.

“For us, it’s a different way to present new music and nature and technology all together in one place, and to get our audiences out on their own time and at their own speed,” Artpark president Sonia Clark said.

Sozo Creative partnered with Artpark to curate the experiences, which include a reprisal of “Cover the Water”, and “Her Mocassins Talk”, an experience involving local native and First Nations musicians and storytellers based on the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address.

More experiences will be coming up throughout the summer.

“Because of these different experiences, people can come back five times and hear something different,” Holladay explained. “Different experiences will be located in different areas of the park.”

Photo Credit: Joe Chille
Photo Credit: Joe Chille

This is the start of a busy season for Artpark. Besides several much-buzzed-about upcoming concerts,  Check out the list of events here.

Even with COVID-19 restrictions, Artpark was able to hold 82 events safely last year, thanks to the park’s size and diverse settings.

As someone who frequents the Artpark and Gorge trails almost daily I am anxious to try out this app and will report back in a future post.

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