Your high school age children frequently use words or slang that you aren't familiar with. It's not done merely to confuse you or hide information, according to experts that is the 'lingo' (to use a throwback term).

A high school teacher in Massachusetts is going viral because he keeps a running list of slang terms he hears students use.  Each time he hears a new one he doesn't know, he adds it to the list, along with a quick definition.

Here are examples:

  •  "Bops" . . . new songs you enjoy listening to.  And OLD songs you like are "jams."
  •   "Clap back" . . . to respond to an insult with an equal or greater insult.
  •   "Hop off" . . . another way of saying "mind your own business."
  •   "Take the L" . . . as in "take the loss."  Like if you failed a test or got dumped, someone might say, "take the L" and move on.

We've all done it remember 80's slang:  gag me with a spoon, gnarly, don't have a cow. 

Find a more complete list of 2019 slang here.

(Best Life)

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