Most of us think we are good "Winter drivers", but the majority of us don't trust others on the road...some of us might even have family members we won't drive with in the winter.

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This could mean that we are all just a bit overconfident, which could be a problem in a typical Western New York Winter.

Here are a few tips that could help you be a little safer this Winter . . .

1.  Check your tires and tire pressure.  You may have noticed that in cold weather your tires lose air pressure and it affects traction.

“At 45 degrees and below, all-season tires start to lose traction and grip on the road -- that’s when we recommend using winter tires,” said Tom Williams, senior vice president of customer experience at Discount Tire. “The tread rubber of an all-season tire stiffens in extreme cold and becomes less able to provide sufficient traction, whereas winter tires have softer rubber and thousands of extra traction edges to maintain contact with the road.

2.  Start your car regularly if you aren't driving it everyday.  Cold weather can have an adverse effect on car batteries.

3.  Don't use cruise control in bad weather...a fact that makes sense.  It can be dangerous in snowy or slippery conditions.

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