It might not have felt like it, but it turns out that this past April was one of the warmest on record for parts of New York State.

Looking at this past April, we have the whole gambit when it came to the weather. Sunny and 80s to 30s and snow, but overall the month of April will go down as one of the warmest.

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In Albany, this past April will rank as the 6th warmest April on record. Over for the area covered by the National Weather Service in Albany, it would be a Top 10 warmest April.

  In Binghamton and the surrounding areas there, overall April turned out to be in the Top three warmest Aprils on record.      


As for Western New York, despite a couple of days with 80 degrees, snow was still falling at the end of the month.

It looks like we will be expecting a warmer May as well. Check out the latest long-range forecast for the Month of May HERE.

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