If you are or know a Millennials you know sometimes they just don't have a clue. We had a conversation in the studio this morning when Rob actually made me stop in my tracks and shake my head!

So we got a call this morning in the studio and a listener was asking for a phone number for a local business that advertises on the station. I didn't know the number so I told the listener that they could call 411 and get the number...Well, this prompted Producer Rob to wonder out loud why I told the listener the number to call before digging. (Which is actually 811 BTW)

I told Rob that 411 was information and he claims that he never knew this. He always just uses his smartphone for directions and information about local businesses!

Well...us old schoolers know that if you dial 411, the nice lady on the other end will ask City and State, and then the name of the business you are looking for. Then they will connect you to that number as well!!

Poor Poor Millennials...what would they do without their smartphones!!

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