Everywhere you look in Buffalo there's another new fast food location popping up. Actually, you can probably say that about anywhere in Western New York.

I think I've lost count at just how many McDonald's or Wendy's there are in the Buffalo area.

One of the fast-food chains that Western New York wanted for a long time was Sonic. That changed over 10 years ago when the first Sonic location came to Cheektowaga on Union Road (near the Walden Galleria), and on Thursday morning, another new Sonic location will be opening its doors in Buffalo.

WIVB is reporting that the new Sonic Drive-In location on Elmwood Ave. in North Buffalo is set to open its doors on Thursday.

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The location will have 14 drive-in stalls that you can order from and there is both indoor and outdoor seating, which will be great for the spring and summer.

But there's more.

The first 200 guests will get a free mini-football and get this -- the 716th customer through the doors will score free Sonic Drive-In food for a YEAR.

I mean, if you love tater tots, popcorn chicken, burgers, and slushies, this is the kind of contest you want to win. Could you imagine being the 716th person through the door and being told you now have free Sonic Drive-In for the next year!?

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