It's never too late to receive your college degree. Especially for this 84 year old.



There is a lady who resides in Texas who is 84 years old and is graduating from college tomorrow. Janet Fein retired from her job in 2012. Just like anyone who retires, she took to Bingo. Well, that got really boring for her and she needed something to do.

Well, she decided to go to school to get her Bachelors in Sociology. Through her having to use a walker, oxygen tank, and waking up sore she still showed up and did it.

People debate whether or not to go back to school all the time. Money is usually a huge factor. But, perhaps it is considered priceless when you go back for the pure passion of it and not just because you have to.

So, what do you think? Would and or could you go back to school when you are 80 years old?

Check out her cute pic here:


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