Buffalo native Matt Wilson's dream of being the next American Idol ended on Monday but he is still a superstar here in Western New York.

Wilson made it into the Top 20 on American Idol this season but was eliminated from the competition during Monday Night's show during the round to make it to the Final 12.

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He was in the danger zone and had to sing for a chance to win a judge's save after not getting enough votes after Sunday's episode.


In the end, the journey ended for Matt but the love for him in Western New York is still overwhelming. Check out this post on Matt's Twitter page of him returning to Buffalo from LA at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport.


It was so much fun to watch Matt's journey and we all wished it would of ended up with him being crowned the next American Idol. We are sure that we will see Matt again on stage somewhere in Western New York and we are looking forward to it.  

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