Denial after denial, Amazon FINALLY caved and will be opening up a distribution center in WNY. Can you believe it?


Amazon announced that they will have facilities opening all around the US. How neat is it that they will be opening a facility in good ol' Henrietta, NY? By opening this facility, it will obviously create jobs for the people of WNY. Henrietta isn't too far up the road from Buffalo and with the looks of things they pay a decent wage as well. Kudos to Amazon for hooking us up!

Metro news stated,

"Amazon will be opening a distribution center in Western New York. Yesterday Monroe County leaders announced that the retail giant would be opening its first Upstate facility in Henrietta. The 70-thousand-square-foot facility could be open before the end of the summer. It isn't clear how many jobs this will bring."

Either way, this is still fantastic news for us!

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