Sometimes you have to be careful for what you wish for on social media.

Over the weekend, one of the newest Buffalo Bills, defensive back Alex Austin wanted to update his look on his social media to reflect on being drafted in the 7th round of the NFL draft.

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He has a picture of himself wearing his Orgoefen State jersey but wanted to have it updated to show him in a Buffalo Bills jersey.

He did what any college kid would do, he asked the internet for help, and well the responses range from amazing to hilarious.

Of course Bills Mafia responded to his plea for help and they did it the most Bills Mafia way.  


Now some of the Photoshop work was really good.

Some of the photos went off the rails really quickly.


And of course, we know that Bills Mafia LOVES seeing their players in shorts, so we will leave this one here.


In the end, it all worked out for Austin as he got his new number with the Buffalo Bills and a new profile pic.

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