It was an incredible event in downtown Buffalo on Saturday when the U.S.S. Little Rock LCS-9 was officially commissioned into the service of the U-S Navy.  And it was the first time in the more than 240-year history of the U-S Navy that a ship was commissioned alongside its namesake.  

The U.S.S. Little Rock built during World War II and decommissioned in 1976 now sits as one of the prime exhibits at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Servicemen's Park.  The new U.S.S. Little Rock is a much smaller ship than the one anchored in Buffalo, but despite its size it's faster, more maneuverable and much more lethal.

It can travel at speeds of more than 50 miles per hour, it can carry and launch both manned and unmanned helicopters, inflatable boats and remote submarines.  The new ship can be used for warfare at sea, for hunting submarines or searching for underwater mines.

Combat ships like this previously needed hundreds of sailors, but this ship has a crew of only 72 officers and sailors.  It carries the name Little Rock, but it will forever be linked to all of us right here in Buffalo.

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