It's been a light winter, but some of us are already starting to look for signs of spring.

Big ice fragments covered with snow on frozen river
Getty Images/iStockphoto

One such sign is the removal, for the season, of the Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom

Channel 4 with the story, on the Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom which was removed this week.

How do they decide?

The International Niagara Board of Control announced that preparations to remove the ice boom are underway after no notable ice cover formed on the lake this season.

(plus)  the water temperature near the ice boom was 34 degrees.

In 2019 the booms were removed on April 22.

In its history, the latest ice boom opening date was May 3, which occurred in 1971. The earliest wasn’t far off from this year’s — February 28, in 2012.


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