All Robert Knab wanted to do was fly home to Buffalo with his girlfriend. Instead, he had a 30-hour 'nightmare' voyage ahead.


Channel Two is following the story,

Robert Knab is a quadriplegic, he was paralyzed from the neck down after a snowboarding accident earlier this year. He and his girlfriend are in the process of moving back to Buffalo. They booked a flight with Frontier Airlines to fly from Denver, C.O. to Buffalo on Sunday.

At first, there was no issue until he boarded with his wheelchair,

 he says flight staff told him that his chest restraint was not sufficient. "The restraint that he had was from Craig Spinal Cord Institution, which is approved for many flights that he has been on " said Robert Knab's uncle David Knab.

Robert was stunned,

"I was just in disbelief cause I was already sitting on the plane for an hour cause they got me loaded up and I'd been sitting there and now I couldn't even go back to Buffalo just because of a chest restraint that I'm required to have" Robert Knab reflected.

Knab added,

he was removed from the flight and he and his girlfriend were rebooked on a Southwest Airlines flight on Monday, where he says he was able fly without issue.

Could this happen to others?


Robert Knab and his family say they just don't want this to happen to anyone else. We can’t make life any more difficult for them then what they already have" said David Knab.


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