You won't believe what this organization is doing for single Moms!




As a single Mom myself, this organization resonated with me. It can be a bit scary doing things on your own especially when you have a little one who depends on you. When a Mother has their first child or any child really, so many feelings enter their minds. A Mom can be scared, they can feel helpless and even ashamed.

I feel for these Mom's and I am telling you, you don't have to be afraid, you don't have to feel helpless or ashamed. THERE IS HELP FOR YOU!

One of my best friends, Suzanne Lazarra is the Peer Consultant for the Mother Teresa Home. I have never heard of it before and she told me that it is a wonderful place for Mom's who need support. Of course I asked her what kind of support do they need? Well, sometimes Mom's are alone... They can have a terrible family situation, the baby Daddy left, and they can even be disowned by their parents. It's a horrible feeling knowing that you are raising this child alone and you don't have the means to do it.

Well, the Mother Teresa home gives Mom's hope. Each Mom that enters the Mother Teresa home are given the tools they need to eventually get out on their own. This can happen between 6-18 months depending on the situation.

In this picture there's myself, Cheryl, Suzanne, and Olivia.

20181218_131456 (2)

I had the utmost pleasure in speaking with Cheryl Calire who is the Executive Director for the Mother Teresa Home. I came by and donated diapers because they are in dire need. The Mother Teresa Home doesn't have state or federal funding so they really need our help.

After speaking with Cheryl and taking a tour of the grounds, some of the services they offer the girls are life skills.

"I handed bed sheets to this one girl and she cried because she hasn't slept in a bed her entire life and didn't even know how to make it."

Cheryl said this to me while holding back her tears. Cheryl along with Suzanne and Olivia who is Peer Coordinator helps these girls find jobs, learn how to cook, and take care of their kids.

They are currently accepting monetary donations as well as donations for diapers, blankets, etc...

If you are looking for a charity to give to this holiday season or before tax season, please consider the Mother Teresa Home.

For more information you can check it out here:



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