The American and Canadian Falls are a popular attraction for thousands of tourists, but sadly also as mesmerizing for people trying to end their lives.

Officials say some two dozen people die deliberately entering the water there each year, and it’s believed that’s what an unidentified man was trying to do Monday night, as Juli recently posted about but he somehow survived.

Do  you recall 7 year old Roger Woodward, who after a boating accident went over the falls wearing only a life preserver in July of 1960.

If you have visited some of the tourist attractions on both sides of the border you have undoubtedly seen that the falls are also a big attraction for daredevils.

You've heard of people attempting to go over the Falls in a barrel ...David Munday succeeded doing that on his first and third tries

Kirk Jones (pictured) survived a plunge over the falls in 2003, believed to be the first person to survive without protection.

“It was a glassy surreal experience, so loud and thunderous, a lot of pressure on my head,” Jones said.

Jones added, “I thank god — and I reached out and touched the hand of God and he smiled upon me that day…thank you.”

Almost 14 years later in 2017, Jones attempted the falls again in an inflatable ball and didn't survive the encounter.

It’s believed there have been at least two other people, not identified,  have deliberately gone over the falls, unprotected, and lived.

It is also said that the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls might be less deadly in such an encounter, because it doesn't have the rocky base that the American Falls does.


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