It is never a good day when your dog wanders away from home...


It is heart breaking when your dog wanders off and doesn't come back home. They have all this new technology with microchips, invisible fences, etc... to make sure you can always track them or at least not get away. But, it happens! It makes us crazy, we drive around town to try to find them, call up all the animal shelters, it is a true nightmare.

In Peoria, Arizona a coonhound wandered pretty far from his home. Jake, the seven year old coonhound wandered over 2000 miles away from his home. That is pretty far to go! The dog ended up about 6 hours from Buffalo in Roaring Spring, PA. (Near Pittsburgh.)

Someone found the dog and saw it was micro-chipped. They scanned him and found he belonged in Arizona. Companion Animal Hospital housed the dog until they made contact with it's owners. After reviewing the info on the microchip and the power of Facebook, they were able to get in touch with the owners. They found out that the dog has been missing for an entire year! A WHOLE YEAR!!!!!!!!

When the owners received the phone call, they couldn't immediately go and get the dog because they literally just had a new born baby. The Animal Hospital rallied people and was able to get the dog back to its original owners. The Animal Hospital thought the dog traveled to PA from a trucker or a hitchhiker.

I can't imagine finding your dog after a year it has been gone. But, this is truly a feel good story.


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