On the morning of Nov. 20, Bradley Rowe was working at a Safeway Fuel Station...cars driving in, Rowe helping fill their tanks, while occasionally chatting with customers Rowe told KGW8-TV.

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That Friday morning, wasn't particularly busy so Rowe struck up a conversation with one customer.

"He was just asking some questions," Rowe recalled. "I'm like, 'I'm trying to get a car loan.' He said how much, he asked what lot. I said it was a private sale."

Rowe told him the loan was for $2,000 to buy a 1998 Ford Explorer.

"Just sitting and chatting with him, then his gas was done. He said you have a great day, I said you too," Rowe said,

It must've been something Rowe said, because that man, who is still unknown to Rowe went to the local Kia dealership and started looking around at different vehicles.

Bill Ring noticed him approached him as he got out of his car.

They walked around and looked at multiple cars, but what the man said next caught Ring by surprise.

"He made the comment saying that the car is not going to be for me anyway, and that changed the whole thing.

Ring said the man told him about the fuel attendant he just met.

Ring and the man went inside and the man wrote a check for an undisclosed amount and told Ring,

"This should be enough for him to find something good. Something reliable."

Ring after verifying the payment got to deliver the good news to Rowe.

Rowe was blown away, but skeptical. After getting off work that afternoon, he and his girlfriend found Ring at the dealership and picked out a 2016 Kia Sportage.

Ring said the man told him,

"He made the comment that everything in his life changed when he found his faith and now he had the opportunity to give back to somebody who's in need."

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