A 94 year old resident at Mary Agnes Manor fired off his gun yesterday at a maintenance worker.



A shot rang out at Mary Agnes Manor yesterday, where a 94 year old man tried to shoot a maintenance worker. 94 year old, John Tenant was scheduled to go to ECMC for a psych evaluation on Wednesday morning. He didn't want to go.

When paramedics arrived to try and get him to leave to get evaluated, he fired his gun aimed at a maintenance worker. It ended up missing the worker and hitting the wall.The paramedic was able to grab the gun from Tenant and restrain him.

No one knows how this man had a gun, where he got it from and the motivation behind it. He did plead not guilty today for his attempted murder charge. If sentenced, he could face 25 years in prison. Let's be realistic, he is 94 and probably needs a psych evaluation based on this circumstance alone.


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