Many parents and their kids are facing different options right now when it comes to school. Some kids are in school, others are being taught in a hybrid fashion and some are still learning remotely.

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If your kids miss gathering around for storytime at school, I mean we all know it's not the same when Mom or Dad want to read you a story, one boy is helping to recreate the experience at home. Bryan Rumfelt, 7, of Brooklyn, New York loves to read and shares his favorite books with anyone who wants to hear a good story.

His grandmother, who used to ask Bryan to read her a bedtime story every night, came up with the idea for his Facebook group, Bryan’s Book Corner, where he posts videos of himself reading books like "Dragons Love Tacos" and "This Pigeon Needs a Bath." The page is updated with new readings a few times a month.

Bryan chooses a book he likes and then with Mom and Dads' help records it, with his own comments and unique expressions.

Byran's Mom says the response from kids has been unbelievable but the response from parents has been equally positive.


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