You hear it a lot, stupid questions from visitors to Buffalo.  Here are five of the most annoying!

Catalin Petolea

1. Does it always snow here in Buffalo?

No!  We have lovely Springs, Summers and Fall.  We do on average get about 90 inches of snow between November to early April.  But, there are far snowier places:

5 Snowiest Places in the U.S.
  1. Paradise Ranger Station, Mount Rainier, Washington.
  2. Mount Baker, Washington. ...
  3. Alta, Utah. ...
  4. Valdez, Alaska. ...
  5. Mount Washington, New Hampshire. ...

2. What kind of Pop do you have?

Okay, it's not pop, soda, please.  Pretty sure that 'pop' things come from our friends to the north.

3. So, if you are in Buffalo you are near New York City, right?

No, NYC is just under 300 miles away!

4. What's all the fuss about this place called Wegmans?

If you don't think Wegmans is the coolest grocery story, with nice staff and just about anything you need; then you have not been inside one.

5.  So how are your Bills doing, said with a smirk?

You know what we are the greatest, most loyal fans.  The Bills are doing just fine, thank you, and so coming back someday!!!!!!

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