Buffalo has quite the live music scene and there may be a bunch more songs that you personally can add to this list. Right off the bat, here's 6 songs that immediately make us think of Buffalo every single time we hear them.

What else can you add to the list?

  • Shout!

    The song basically belongs to Buffalo. If you've every been to an out-of-town wedding and they play this song, they clearly don't know that the only way to sing it is adding in 'Let's Go Buffalo'. Thank you Isley Brothers, thank you.

  • 'Better Days'

    For more than one reason 'Better Days' is a WNY tune.

    1.) Buffalo's own Goo Goo Dolls wrote the song.

    2.) During the Drury-Briere era of the Sabres this song was the song that resonated with the entire city before games.

    3.) Lastly, for crying out loud, our sports teams are looking for 'better days', plain-and-simple

  • 'Living Next Door To Alice'

    The classic 1976 song by Smokie, you have heard before at some point. Whether it be at the Polish Falcons on Dyngus Day or Waldfest in mid-July, 'Living Next Door to Alice' has everyone's favorite version with their favorite different choice word.

    ...You know what I mean.

  • 'Let Me Clear My Throat'

    DJ Kool gave us a song that is older than most of the actual Buffalo Sabres' players, but we love the song (and dance moves) that come after every single Sabres' score this year.

  • 'Football Town With A Football Problem'

    Every country music fan whispered this song out loud before the page even opened on the computer. There is no more explanation needed. Thanks, Billy Currington--we get it.

  • 'Broadway'

    If there's any song that is Buffalo, NY--it's this one. For really only one reason. It's about Buffalo. So, next time you drive down Broadway think of every lyric to the song and as Robby always said there's a "bar or a church at every corner".

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