Buffalo played host to Hollywood in a big way back in June of 1984. Everybody of age remembers when "The Natural" was filmed in Buffalo.

"There were some major motion picture actors and actresses that were in that film that stayed here that summer," recalls former Buffalo Bisons general manager, Mike Billoni, who notes that Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, Robert Duvall and Wilford Brimley all played roles. "They ate dinners at local restaurants, they stayed in rented homes and were out and about, and what it did for the psyche of Buffalo is immeasurable."


That summer, the movie crew converged on Buffalo shooting several scenes inside the Ellicott Square Building, the Central Terminal, All High Stadium, the Masten Street Armory and Parkside Candy on Main Street.

35 years later and people and still viewing that movie and reflecting on the city of Buffalo, according to WIVB.

One of the most memorable quotes came from lead Robert Redford...

 ...who noted 'Buffalo is about its people.' "Really, that's what everyone who passes through here says is the people are our greatest asset."

The Natural was nominated for four Academy Awards and generated $47 million at the box office.


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