Who doesn't like the word, "Free?" If it's Free it is for me!


Make sure you read the fine print and know what you are committing to. Some things are free if you sign up, or some are trial periods. Know before you go!

Free Ice Cream- All you have to do is download the app and you get a $5.00 credit. You can download it here: 

Free Scratch Offs digitally- 

Free Baby Gifts- 

Free Credit Score- 

Free $10.00 just for sharing your receipts- 

You can earn up to $36.00 in Amazon gift cards- 

Free Godivia Chocolate- 

Free $5.00 in Stocks- 

Free Baby Diapers- 

Free Baby Shoes- 

Free Prescription Delivery- 

Free financial assistance- 

Free Coffee- 

Free Branding- (Thinking of opening up a small business? This is for you!) 

Free Support The Troops Stickers- 

Free Movies- 

Free Pancakes- 

Free Granola- 

Free Stevia- 

Free Tour Guides- 

Free Shampoo- 

Free Beauty Consultation- 

Free Dog & Cat Food- 

Free Baby Leggings- 

Free Roast Beef Sandwich-  

Free Sample- 

Free Cup Of Coffee- 

Free Access To National Parks- 

Free Baby Diapers- 

Free Sephora Beauty Products- 

Free Coffee Mug- 


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