It looks like Melody and I got our wish! Officials with Six Flags Theme Parks announced that they are expanding their 30 Hour Coffin Challenge that started in St. Louis to all their parks including Darien Lake!

If you think you could survive 30 hours in a coffin, Darien Lake has a challenge for you!

The contest will take place during Darien Lake's Fright Fest! If you can stay in the coffin for 30 straight hours, you will walk away with some great prizes!

  • $300 cash
  • 2019 Gold Season Passes
  • Express Haunted House Passes

You won't be alone the whole time! According to contest rules, you are allowed to have a friend hang out by the coffin, but only during normal operating hours. Plus contestants will also get a six-minute bathroom break every hour and meals will be provided in the coffin by Darien Lake. The park is also providing phone charging stations so that participants can post their experiences on social media

There are a couple of rules if you want to take the challenge:

Coffin dwellers have to meet these requirements:

  • 18 or older with valid photo ID
  • No medical conditions that would make lying in a coffin for 30 hours a health risk
  • Sign a waiver
  • Be able to lie flat and still
  • Provide own sleeping gear (pillow, sleeping bag or blankets)

You will be able to sign up for the contest at Darien Lake's website.

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