If you are working long hours, then you are probably already going home in the dark.  Sunset tonight is at 6:28.

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So, when is daylight savings this year?  If you like the longer days, no worries for a few more weeks.  November 3rd, we fall back an hour.

But, some odd things happen because of this event.  LiveScience.com has a list.  Here are three:

1. More car accidents?

An increase in car accidents during daylight saving time has been both supported and refuted in the academic literature. The general concept supporting the case, however, is that subtle changes in sleep patterns and circadian rhythms can alter human alertness and, in some cases, might increase the risk of potentially fatal car accidents.


2.  In the Spring with one less hour, there are more heart attacks

 Lack of sleep can release stress hormones that increase inflammation, which can cause more severe complications in people already at risk of having a heart attack.


3. Increased cluster headaches

Circadian rhythms tick away throughout the body each day, controlling the release of certain hormones that affect moods, hunger levels, and yearning for sleep. When these rhythms get thrown out of whack, even by just one hour (less or more) during daylight saving time, the human body notices the difference.

For the full list click here.

Not on the list is how many of us struggle with how to change the clocks in our car!

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