Wonder Woman 2 is in production and screencrush.com has some sneak pictures from the set.  Looks like Chris Pine's Trevor is perhaps alive?  We will have to wait until the premier in 2019.  Meanwhile, it has got me thinking, how much Wonder Woman would fall in love with Buffalo, like I have.  Here are 5 reasons why, she should just move here.1  There are plenty of cool backdrops, like Riverworks, or Canalside to practice her wonder woman spin.

2. She could find so many cool things to Lasso: The M&T Gold Dome for starts would match the glean of her favorite weapon.  She'll love that!  Or how about the chance to use her lasso of truth over Buffalo's beautiful Art Deco, City Hall building?

3.  She can fly her invisible plane over so many cool Buffalo places, from Delaware Park, Lake Erie on a Summer night, to Niagara Falls.  Once Wonder Woman has flown over Buffalo, she will so move here!


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