Buffalo has really a lot to offer on the water in the Summer. There are 3 different boats that you should put on your bucket list for this season.

All 3 are really good. I've been on all of them a few times and they are all great and also different vibes. Here they are below.

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    The Moondance

    The catamaran boat that holds up to 65 people is always seen floating around and it is a riot. You can get drinks on the boat as well. It's usually a 2 hour ride and is great for all celebrations. You don't need to book the entire boat you can check the availability for open rides!

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    Spirit of Buffalo

    This is the one that always reminds me of a pirate ship. It's super fun, you can bring a group on the boat and bring drinks, too. Sometimes they will do events like beer tastings or wine pairings on the boat. There are sail times for the public all week long. Adult tickets range around 42 bucks in 2024. Way more seating on this one than the Moondance.

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    Grand Lady

    I feel like this one has been around the longest. This is the best one for super 'fancy' events. There is closed space, dinners and more. Tickets for general sunset cruises range around the 38 dollar range. They also do dinner cruises which are pretty fun and they are around the 80 dollar mark.

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