How many times did you refresh your newsfeed on Monday, trying to either make a post on social media or see what your friends were up to?

After Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp all crashed for more than four hours, people are now wondering: What caused the social media outage?

Foul play has not yet been completely ruled out as the reason, but one chief technical officer from a cybersecurity firm said he believed that the cause of the outage was most likely due to an operational issue caused by human error. 

If the Great Facebook/Instagram Outage taught us anything about ourselves, it would be that we are a little too connected to our devices. I think I refreshed my feed about four times before deciding to go on a run and unplugging for just a few hours, and maybe we should unplug more often -- but will we?

Do you remember the good ole days? What was life like before we had the internet?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to compare how different life is now compared to back then.

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