Just because we love to help, here's a list of costumes that didn't quite make the cut for Halloween 2017.*

  1. Too Pale President: Now available for half price, this costume was rejected by quality control for not being orange enough, also, hands too big-ly.
  2. Wondering Woman: OK, so we didn't secure the rights from Marvel, but boy is she strong...and curious.
  3. Britney Shears 10th Anniversary Edition: This throwback costume takes us back to Brit's infamous 2007 meltdown which culminated with shaving her head and thwarting paparazzi with an umbrella.
  4. Normal Stuff: This collection of costumes was rejected when the designer got SUPER mixed up making a Stranger Things inspired set of costumes.
  5. Hawaiian Pizza Costume: Of course you know why this got rejected, and if you don't, you can just stop with trying to put any fruit (other than tomatoes) on my pizza.
  6. Vegan Sunbathing Vampire: Turns out drinking blood and avoiding sunlight is critical to a good vampire costume.
  7. Zombie Taylor Swift: Submitted by Katy Perry last season when Taylor was dead to her. This year, Taylor submitted the idea, and it's now been removed from the rejected list.
  8. Dangling Katy Perry: Weirdly enough, also submitted by Katy Perry, this costume was rejected because the scaffolding wouldn't fit in the car.
  9. Tailor Swift: This costume comes complete with measuring tape, sewing kit, straight pins and running shoes.
  10. Pennywise the Clown's understudy: Pound Foolish, always walking away from a good investment opportunity.


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*obviously all of these costumes are fake, but we really hope some of these were actually thought of, and then rejected.

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