We wrap up our 2017 Parent Trend Series with another fun activity.  We have made popsicles, enjoyed virtual reality, performed story starters, played with finger puppets, and now we create Fairy Gardens.  Prior to doing this I had never even heard of a Fairy Garden, but now I am kind of a pro at it!


Being a pro at Fairy Gardens does not take very much skill which is why I think I am so good at it.  All you need is a few supplies and you will have Fairies swarming in no time! My daughter Mia assisted me in making the garden and the video below will show you just how quick and easy you can make one.

Total cost of the project was $40.  It can be much less or more expensive depending on what you want and what supplies you already have.  The basics that you need are a container of some sort (pot, dish, etc) to hold the dirt and plants, a couple of small plants, potting soil or dirt, and Fairy Garden flair.  The Fairy Garden flair can cost the most, but again that will depend on the size and what amenities you want in the garden.

Fairy Gardens

We had fun making the Fairy Garden and it was some really good quality time spent with my daughter that didn't involve electronics or other distractions.  It was simple to make, and other than picking up the actual Fairy Garden pieces, it wasn't too expensive either.  I would recommend this to any parents who are looking for a fun kid project to do year round!

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