Christmas Eve is all about tradition.  But if you'd like to try some new activities on the night before Christmas here are some Christmas Eve activities worth thinking about...

1.  Make a hot cocoa bar.

Put out both dark and milk chocolate choices along with a wide range of toppings— chocolate shavings, chopped pecans, and crushed-up candy canes. Then let your guests go wild making their own hot chocolate concoction.

2.  Do a cookie fest.

Instead of chocolate chip cookies this year, consider baking some more unusual treats and giving the kids a chance to decorate them. Maybe... peppermint cream thumbprint cookies, gingerbread trees with lemon icing, or any of these other 25 tasty recipes?

3.  Sprinkle reindeer dust on your driveway or sidewalk.

Make sure Santa gets to your house this holiday, urge your kids or grandkids to sprinkle reindeer dust (colored sugar and edible glitter) on the front sidewalk so Santa knows where to drop off the presents!

4.  Have a Christmas treasure hunt.

Presents are great, but why not make your kids or grandkids add a competitive element to your Christmas Eve celebrating by hiding the goods throughout the house, offering up clues about where they are as the night goes on.

5.  Give out brand-new Christmas pajamas.

One of the pleasures of Christmas morning is lounging around in your pajamas. So consider giving everyone in the family Christmas-themed pajamas they can wear the next morning.

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