Two Bills players are making a Buffalo boy’s holiday season extra special this year.

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8-year-old Jackson DeLude was born without fully developed legs.

Instead of the traditional wish for toys, his Christmas wish this year was the ability to run.

Buffalo Bills players Matt Milano and Gabe Lewis teamed up to make that happen according to a story aired on WIVB-TV.

The two arranged to have Jackson and his Mom flown to Florida to get him fitted to two prosthetic legs. Things got even better when Jackson got to test them out for the first time at Disney World over the weekend.

Milano and Davis covered the cost of everything.

“When they said they were going to help get Jackson’s blades, there was really no words to describe what we were feeling,” said Jackson’s mom Ashley DeLude. “They’re so young and already wanted to be paying it forward and helping out Jackson to be able to run again- it’s amazing.”

Two very special team members went out of their way to help a young boy and his Mom BILL-ieve this holiday season and make it a very Merry Christmas for Jackson and his family.


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