Snow is nothing new here in New York, but you don't always see messages in the snow. If you do, it could have quite a dangerous and ominous meaning. A woman named Jade shared a video on TikTok of a scary message written in the snow on top of her garbage can. The message simply said "1F." After taking it to the social media platform to find out what it means, many of her followers warned her that it means "Single Female." They also told Jade that it may very well mean that she is the target of a gang or robbers. Many people said that someone was possibly in her neighborhood watching her and scouting her house to prepare for criminal activity. In another video that she posted to TikTok, Jade suspected it could have been one of her neighbors, as she said they were very "sketchy." In other videos, you can see police cars in front of the house of those same neighbors.

If you're a single woman who lives alone, it might make you feel better to know that Snopes did some investigating with law enforcement and says that this is a myth. Although it doesn't really make me feel any less terrified. Maybe there have been incidents, but the police just never noticed the message. If you do see a similar message near your home, the first thing to do is take a pic, so you have some evidence, then get rid of it. You may want to give a call to the police to have some sort of record that you fear for your safety. And then, as always, keep your eyes and ears open; stay alert.

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