Now, we love our fur people here at Mix 96.  Dave has a cat called Stamp.  And, I have two cats called Ethel and Harpo.  But, if you have a cat, you know they are NOT dogs.  They are not that excited to see you, unless your on the phone. They bother your friends that are allergic.  My favorite is how often a freshly folded laundry basket becomes a cat bed.  This is Harpo this morning.

cat in basket

A site called Kitten Toob came up with 10 more:

  • They Chew You.
  • They Lick You.
  • They Crawl all Over You.
  • They Interrupt Your Sleep.
  • They Play Hard in the Middle of the Night.
  • They Meow Only at Nap Time.
  • They Stare.
  • They Bang Their Heads into You.
  • They Put Their Bottoms on You.
  • They Stick Their Paws Under Doors and Freak You Out.

But, ya gotta love them, right?  Felines or Fido, Here, at Mix 96 we have two pet things, every Thursday there is Pet of the Week, with animals up for adoption from Buffalo Animal Shelter.  Then, on Fridays we pick a Pet Parade winner, whose owner gets a $25 dollar gift certificate to Creature Comforts Pet Resort.

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