Have you ever had a bad dream about a friend or a family member, and you can’t help but feel angry at them once you wake up? Well, turns out we might be doing it to ourselves.

BedMD recently conducted a study, and it looks like the answer lies in our meals. And I know that nobody likes to admit they are at fault, so let’s not blame our subconscious, but rather our digestive system.

These 11 Foods Are Why You Are Having Nightmares

It turns out these 11 foods are most likely to cause nightmares, and unfortunately, one of these foods is a Buffalo staple.

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Pics from The 2006 Buffalo October Snowstorm

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Best 10 Things To Do In Buffalo This Weekend

These are the best 10 things to do this weekend around Western New York, whether it's live music, festivals, comedy shows, theater, concerts, nightlife events, our favorite sports teams, and so much more!

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