I'm a single mom, and like many single parents -- post-divorce, I moved in with my parents. Three grown-ups, two kids, and all of our stuff make for sometimes tight living quarters.

So when my kids' dad said he wanted to take the kiddos out of town this weekend *and* my parents were also going to be out of town visiting relatives...suddenly, the heavens opened -- I was going to have the house to myself.

The possibilities were endless. Would I go out all weekend? Would I finally clean out my car? Make a dinner just for me?

Here are all the things I did while my parents and kids were out of town this weekend:

1. Went to the gym. A lot.

2. Walked around the house in my underpants. A lot.

3. Watched at least 9 episodes of Law & Order without having to switch the channel quickly before anyone asks questions about 'mommy what is rape/murder?'

Credit: YouTube/NBC Universal
Credit: YouTube/NBC Universal

4. Took two baths.

5. Went to the bathroom without locking the door.

6. Laid on the ground/couch without anyone jumping on my stomach/back while yelling "MAMMMMA!"

7. Marveled at silence.

8. Wore a shirt that said 'f***' on it.

Can't wear clothes like this around kids who've learned how to read cursive
Can't wear clothes like this around kids who've learned how to read cursive

9. Did not go out, other than for work/gym & 
loved it.

10. Kept looking out the window imagining them all coming back home & looking at the clock to see if it's tomorrow yet.

Even better, the kids came home early, so I didn't have to wait too long :)

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