As a father of three little boys, it is often tough to wrangle them all and get them all to pay attention or follow direction. Yes Time is flying, but at the same time there are moments that go pretty slow as a parent when you were trying to get your kids to settle down and listen.

I’m sure at one point or another, your parents told you some things to try to get you to either follow a direction, pay attention or simply just settle down as well. I put together a list of the few of the lame lies or small fibs that we have heard our dad or mom for that matter tell us when we were children.

From warnings about swallowing watermelon seeds, to drinking pop and mowing the lawn, there are a few good ones that appear on this list.

Lame Lies Dads Tell Kids

There are some who have told us to never lie to our kids but I feel as though these are not necessarily lies as much as they are creative ways to get things done or creative ways to help get some things done around the house.

Josh Allen's College Days

Parents of older children will tell you to pay attention to the little things because time does fly by. It’s hard to really understand that until you are in the moment or until you become a parent. After five years of being a dad, I honestly can totally relate to what that means now. It seems like just yesterday we were planning a nursery and now we are going to soccer practice, taking your son to kindergarten, and picking up another at preschool. All this while watching our youngest learn how to walk and now even talk!

A friend once told me that you spend the first few years trying to get them to walk and talk, and the rest of their lives trying to get them to settle down and choose your words wisely.

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