Time for some truth bombs... A new study reveals that people would rather marry for...




I am happily divorced. I certainly married for love my first time around because neither of us had money. Ha! But according to a new study, 56% of Americans would rather marry for money. Yup!

54% of men said they would rather marry for money


57% of women said they would rather marry for money.

Is it me, or is this just sad? Whatever happened to that good old fashioned love? It's not always about money but according to this new survey it is.

So the big question is would you rather marry for love or for money?

Personally, just because I was tainted the first time around doesn't mean that I wouldn't marry for love again. Love is supposed to conquer all things and if you both are working and bringing in an income, love each other and continuously want to work on things, then there is nothing that is stopping you BUT YOU!

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