Ask anyone who lives in New York where the worst place to live is and you will get 100 or more different answers.

Some people would say New York City due to the crime levels, some would say Buffalo due to the snow and some would say Syracuse because it is Syracuse.

A new list recently was published ranking the worst towns in every state, and the town that made the list for New York is a bit shocking.

The list was published by and it breaks down why this one town in New York is the worst.

The website site used data from the Census Bureau, the FBI, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to create an index of 22 categories to rank each city in.

Using those 22 categories, came to the conclusion that this was the worst town in New York State.


Amsterdam is located in Montgomery County, New York, and is named after Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam was named the worst town in New York for a couple of reasons.

It has a poverty rate of 23.8% which is more than double that of New York State.

The median home value of $92,900 is well below New York State's median home value of $340,600.

The median income of residents of Amsterdam is also well below the state average. The median income in Amsterdam is $43,164 while the state average is $75,157.

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If you want to see which cities are the worst in every state you can check out the 247wallst article HERE.

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