I'm not lucky enough to find a quarter on the sidewalk let alone what this woman found in her Redbox rental. Imagine going to your local Redbox machine to rent a movie or a game and when the disc cartage pops out you notice more than the DVD inside.


That's what happened to this woman found $100 inside as well as a note. The note came from someone named Marcos and the note reads


My name is Marcos and every month I take $100 that I'd normally spend on myself and give it away to a stranger. This month I decided to change it up and put it in a Redbox DVD. You are the 1st giveaway of 2017! I just ask that you put the money to good use. If you don't need it give it away. If you need it, keep it!

-Have a great day, Marcos"


Talk about paying it forward! What do you think of the money and note from Marcos? Comment below!

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