Maybe it's just me, or the era I grew up in, but when I think about love at the Drive-In my first thoughts don't necessarily go to a wedding.

That being said WIVB-TV reported that Michael and  Gwen Chapman decided this is actually the perfect place to have their wedding and celebrate the day with their family while still keeping a safe distance apart.

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“I’m just so happy that the drive-in, we were able to do this year, I’m so grateful for them,” Micheal said.

The Chapmans canceled their original wedding plans about a month ago because of the coronavirus pandemic but did not want to wait too long to say their I do’s.

“We still wanted to get married this year. So it was actually my finance’s dad that came up with the idea to try the drive-in. And it just kind of worked out from there,” Micheal said.

Micheal revealed one of their first dates was at the Transit drive-in so the location was more than fitting for them. And people could attend the wedding in cars, so social distancing would not be an issue.

The couple plan to have their reception next May hopefully including all their family and friends that weren’t able to attend this ceremony.

The Transit Drive-In just opened Friday night for the first time this season to a sold-out show. You can buy tickets online ...they’re only allowing half the amount of cars inside there to keep with social distancing guidelines.

And "Meatloaf" would have been proud of the inspiration... a wedding "by the dashboard lights".

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