Over the past several months you might have seen certain signs at local grocery stores in New York.

The signs spotted at area Wegmans were pushing for New York lawmakers to pass a new law that would allow grocery stores to sell wine along with beer and cider.


The new proposed bill would allow grocery stores like Wegmans, Tops, Market in the Square, and others to sell wine. Currently, 40 other states in the US allow grocery stores to sell both wine and beer.

A similar proposed bill in New York failed to get passed about 10 years ago. That bill also allowed convenience stores, big box stores like Walmart and Target, as well as grocery stores, to sell wine.

By only allowing grocery stores to sell wine, the two New York lawmakers who introduced the bill hope that it will make it easier to pass this time around.

Around 1900 permits would be issued to grocery stores across the state lawmakers pass the bill.

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Currently, the bill is in the Senate Committee's Investigations And Government Operations Committee

You can read the entire bill HERE.

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Upstate New York has a 12 full-fledged wine trails to offer visitors. These "trails" are organized to maximize a wine lover's experience in Upstate New York. The trails on this list cover the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Adirondacks, Central New York, Finger Lakes, and Western New York regions.

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