With the Wine & Chocolate Affair happening this Saturday, March 4th at the Tonawanda Castle, we felt like it was only fitting to have a winery in studio for the show today.  John from Midgard Winery out of Corfu, NY stopped by to brighten our spirits!


Now, one of the best parts of this job is that only I am allowed to sample when guests come with libations because Val Townsend is the responsible one.  Actually, since Val runs this operation, the FCC doesn't allow her to taste, so I was stuck tasting all of the wine today.  The sacrifices I make for that girl.

Midgard Winery

John brought 5 bottles with him that varied in taste and style, but all were delicious. Midgard Winery specializes in 'Honey Wine', which makes sense since the family started out as beekeepers.  They know honey, and now they know wine and the results are fantastic.


I tasted each wine and all of them were great.  I am not just saying this because they were our guest.  All of the wines were smooth, and had distinctive flavors and aromas.  Taste aside, I was also digging the labels on the bottles.  Like most people I will choose a wine based on the label and these labels were cool.  Going with a Game of Thrones type theme, each bottle features some cool artwork.


I liked all of the wine I tried, but if I have to rank them this is the order:

1. Alliance - This is a dangerously delicious wine, and it went down like drinking grape punch.  It is a sharp, light red color, and has a fruit-forward aroma with a hint of cotton candy notes.  This is a must try.

2. Blueberry Wine - I'm a fan of blueberries and I am a fan of this wine.  Drinking it was like taking a bite of fruit but it still had some zing.  Another must try if you like fruity wine.

3. Honey Apple Wine - This tastes just like it's named.  These guys really nail the flavor.  The aroma is laden with fresh apples and our raw and natural honey.

4. Longboat - This wine is the closest to chardonnay that they make.  The Longboat is crafted from a blend of 100% New York State apples and 100% of our pure orange blossom honey.  Again, tastes great and is very smooth for a chardonnay.

5. Nordic Fire - This one I was worried about.  It has 7 of the 10 hottest peppers in the world in it.  There is a zip to it for sure, and if you like that kind of fire you will love this wine. I only had a little, but it definitely made it's presence felt.  This one also had the coolest label!


Midgard Winery will be at the Wine & Chocolate Affair and if you want to learn more about them you can at Midgardwinery.com.


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