Earlier today, it became official.  The Toronto Blue Jays are playing in Buffalo this summer.  So how many of us will get to actually go and see the games?

They Called It Their Home Away From Home

The border being closed between the U.S. and Canada has really made it difficult for the Blue Jays to play here in the United States.  Obviously they can't go back and forth between the states and home to play their games.  But it was super cool to see the them seem excited to come play their games this summer here in Buffalo.  They even called it their "Home Away From Home" in a tweet.


Will we get to see them play this year?

Last year, people got excited that there would be a Major League Baseball team actually playing at Sahlen Field.  But that excitement was extinguished pretty quickly considering that no one could actually go to the games.  It was bitter sweet.  This year, we should be able to see them.  The governor updated the guidance for baseball games and stated that both vaccinated and unvaccinated fans would get to go to the games.

How will it work?

The stadium will be broken up essentially into two different sections.  The section that would seat the vaccinated fans will allow them to sit next to each other along with children who are under 16 years old.  The section with unvaccinated fans will be capped at 33% capacity and will require six-foot distancing with masks.

So what's the problem?

When the governor talked about these guidelines, he spoke specifically about the Mets and the Yankees, but didn't mention if that was the case for stadiums across the state.  He didn't mention if this would be the case at Sahlen Field as well when the Blue Jays play here.  As it is right now, the state guidance for stadiums is a cap at 24%.

It would be easy to assume that what works for the Yankees and the Mets would also apply for stadiums across the state.  But with the way these things have gone over the past year, it's hard to be sure.


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