Technology is moving at lightning speed and now you don't even need your wallet or phone to buy groceries in New York.

It was announced several months ago and now the rollout for palm payment is happening all across New York State.

After setting up the palm payment, you can do all your shopping and when it comes to paying at the end you can leave your phone and wallet at home. All you do is swipe your palm over the scanner and it reads your prints and charges the card you have on file.

Amazon is hoping that using the palm paying device will shorten lines at the checkout and also reduce the need for several cashiers working all at the same time.

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This move is in line with many larger retailers like Walmart and Aidi's that have increased the amount of self-check and pay as you go programs. These companies are hoping to reduce their employee payrolls but still keep the same amount of consumers coming through the door.

Would you use this new technology?

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