Today the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center turns 40 years old in that location, but will it be there in a few years?!

The Buffalo is hurting from local tourism. It's not a good location, the parking is horrible and it's not efficient.

Taxpayers have paid TONS for studies on whether or not to invest money into the current one or move it all together (even after Chris Collins dumped $7 million into it back in 2010).

According to WGRZ:

I think the real missing piece is money. Building a new convention center is not going to come cheap. and it's not going to be easy,” Erie County Legislature Minority Leader Joseph Lorigo said. “And I think, given the prioritization this administration has shown over the past several years, I don’t know if we have the money available to go ahead and build a new convention center.”

Where would you put it?!


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