This weekend I have some friends coming into town all the way from Las Vegas. They are here for the Bills/Bronco's game, and the only unfortunate thing is that they are Bronco fans.


I try not to hold that against them, and gameday should be interesting because of it, but my question today is where should we go on Saturday?  I want to show off our amazing city to a group of guys who are not expecting much.  They think of Buffalo how most of the country views it...I want to change that.

Getty Images
Getty Images

I only really have 24 hours to do it.  The game experience will speak for itself on Sunday because nobody does it better than us.  Saturday we are taking in the sights and that's where I want to maximize the Buffalove.


Where should I bring them?  Where should we eat?  Where should we grab some drinks?  What is a must see in the 7-1-6?!!?  I need your help!  If you can, comment in the comment section of this post or on Facebook and let me know what you think we need to definitely hit up.  GO BILLS!



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